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Revd Ruth Colby

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phone: 01536 770178

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Tresham Benefice Youth Group

Summer Term 2018

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Youth Group leaders have been busy planning the programme of activities for the Youth Group for the Summer Term. The programme and all the information you need for activities from April to July is enclosed. Unfortunately the Escape Room evening originally planned for 14th April will not now take place but we may be able to do this at a later date.

Basics for Youth Group meetings 2018:

  • Usual meeting time is Saturday 5-7pm every fortnight

  • Venues vary – please check the enclosed timetable

Highlights this term:

Treasure –Treasure Trail in Market Harborough to finish the term on 14th July. There is no charge for this trip but if your young person would like to invest in a bag of chips as we walk around the trail please send sufficient money with them to cover this. We will need to know numbers for this trip by 30th June so we can plan transport.

Youth-led service – as this was cancelled on 3rd March due to extreme weather conditions this will now take place on 16th June at All Saints Church Rushton. The service will be open to all and we hope you will come and support your young people.

What to do now

Please look carefully at this terms programme to ensure that you have all the details you need for each activity and share this with your young person. Hopefully they will be keen to take part this term.

Feel free to contact me on 01536 770178 (or by e-mail revruthcolby@gmail.com) for further details or with any queries about anything on the programme.

If you have not completed and returned a consent from for 2018 please do so and bring it along to the first meeting of the new term on 21st April, along with £2 towards the fish & Chip supper if your young person is intending to come along to that on 5th May.

Please ensure we have a current email address so we can keep you informed of any changes that happen and be sure to let us know if any of the details we hold change during the year. To comply with current Child Protection Legislation we need to have completed forms for each young person who attends Youth Group. No young person will be allowed to stay without the necessary information and consents.

As ever, your young people are welcome to bring friends along to the Youth Group, bearing in mind we will need the necessary consent and contact details for each new young person attending.

We look forward to the start of the new Youth Group term on 21st April.

With every blessing,

Revd Ruth and the Youth Group leaders

Tresham Benefice Youth Group Programme

Summer Term 2018



Additional Information


21st April

New Term Construction evening

First Youth Group of the new term. Lots of things to test your skills and brains.

Loddington Village Hall

Main St, Loddington

NN14 1LA

5th May

Fish & Chip Supper plus Art Snakes & Ladders

Your fish & chip supper is subsidised but we ask for a contribution of £2 per person. Let us know if you are coming on 21st April along with your food order!

Holy Trinity Church, Rothwell

Sunday 13th May


Bishop’s Big Weekend Worship

We are holding an outdoor worship service as part of the Tresham Benefice Bishop’s Big Weekend so we hope the Youth Group will take part. More info to come…….

Market Square, Rothwell

19th May

Pentecost at 6a

We celebrate the birthday of the Church with some fun around a fire-pit in the garden at Rev Ruth’s house.

6a Kipton Close, Rothwell. NN14 6DR

2nd June


Share in cooking a meal together (and eating it of course) under Amanda’s watchful eye!

Know It Hall, 13 Manor Road, Rushton. NN14 1RH

16th June

Chocolate evening plus youth-led worship

We will be in Rushton Church. Activities to do with chocolate followed by worship led by the Youth Group for parents and others to join us. (Postponed from 3rd March)

All Saints Church, Rushton

30th June

Games evening

Board games, active game – who knows what!

Thorpe Malsor Village Hall
The Old Post Office
Thorpe Malsor
NN14 1JS

14th July

End of term Treasure Trail

A trip out to finish the term with a Treasure Trail in Market Harborough. Meet outside Holy Trinity Church, Rothwell at 5pm. Remember your money for chips! Let us know if you are coming by 30th June so we can plan transport.

Meet outside Holy Trinity Church, Rothwell

Have a good summer break!

Tresham Benefice Youth Group

Registration and Consent form 2018.

This information will help us contact you should we need to, please complete the return to us:

Information about the Young Person

First name


Date of Birth


Mobile number (if appropriate)

E-mail address (if appropriate)

Name of parents/ guardians

Family Doctor name




School Year

Any food allergies? (please specify)

Any medical conditions? (please specify)

Any medication including inhalers? (please specify)

Details of last anti-tetanus injection

Any special needs? (please specify)

Is there anything else you would like us to know about this young person?

Information about parents/guardians/carers

Parent/Guardian contact 1




E-mail address




Parent/Guardian contact 2




E-mail address




Alternative emergency contact details (if appropriate):

Contact name for carer/ an alternative adult in case of emergencies

Tel no

Relationship to the young person


Section 1

I give permission for………………………. (young person) to attend and take part in the Youth Group programme including off site activities as outlined in the programme.

I consent to images of the young person named above being used and stored, for the purposes of publicity in Tresham Benefice publications and on the website. I understand that no names will be attached to online images, but First Names may appear in printed publications YES / NO (please delete as applicable)

I give permission that in the event of any accident/illness first aid treatment can be administered and, if needed, my child can be transported to hospital. I also understand that while the Youth Group leaders

will take every precaution to endeavour that accidents do not happen, they cannot be responsible for damage, injury or loss suffered by my child.

Signed (parent / guardian) ……………………………………………… Date………..........……………

Name (parent/guardian) …............................................................

The information requested on this form can be completed by a carer, but only those with

parental responsibility can sign the consent (N.B. this may not include a foster carer)

Section 2

I acknowledge that expensive personal possessions are my son/daughter’s responsibility and that leaders cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to my child’s property.

I understand that if my son or daughter grossly misbehaves at any group or activity the leaders may forbid them from continuing to take part and they may be asked to leave/ be collected by their parents or guardians. I agree to pay for any deliberate damage caused by my son/daughter.

I give permission for Tresham Benefice to process the information given on this form and hold it on a database, for use by Tresham Benefice only. The information held will not be passed to any other party.

Signed (parent/guardian) …............................................................ Date ….......................

Name (parent/guardian) …............................................................

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