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What do we look forward to in 2014

Health Wealth and Happiness

is everyone’s dream


Great expectations as we welcome this New Year,

Will our wishes all come true?

What will happen to me and you.

Only God knows what we will do.


We make our resolutions to improve our way of life.

Not always an easy thing to do

In this world with constant strife.


Children grow up in a world of illusion;

Older folk suffer with confusion.

The future we must face together,

Struggle with our English weather.


One hundred years since World War 1

When years of conflict had begun.

We can visit the graves of our brave young men.

Never let it happen again.


Let us Pray for Peace in this New Year.

With no more families to shed as tear

Dear Lord, hear our prayer.

Thy Will be done.


by Ann Jones




To Walsingham we pilgrims went

All twenty one of us

We went by car, it wasn’t far,

We did not need a bus


We entered through the Brandie Gate

And Catherine came to meet us.

She took us to reception

Where helpful staff would greet us.


Our rooms were very comfortable

with all our wants supplied.

We slept in a converted cottage

with all mod cons inside.


The sun shone every day for us.

We were truly Blessed.

For a thousand years pilgrims came here

For peaceful prayers and rest.


We met a Bishop face to face

As he walked around our eating place.

The food was great, the staff attentive,

All diets catered for; very inventive.


We sang and prayed, prayed and sang,

Listened as the Angelus rang.

How awesome is the Holy House.

We are encouraged to be quiet as a mouse.


The garden, so peaceful in the sunlight,

was transformed when day turned into night

with candlelight procession.

Ave Maria was sung

As we followed the path

Where Christ’s sad journey had begun.

Sing praise of Mary, Mother of God

whose Walsingham Way

countless pilgrims have trod.


by Ann Jones


I really think I need a rest.

Try to do my very best.

The spirit is willing but the body is weak

And these old bones begin to creak.

Take the tablets, apply the lotion,

Try to keep up with time and motion.

It takes twice as long to get jobs done.

My Home Help (Bless her), is due to come.

We still keep busy though knocking on.

Turn up local radio and sing along.

Bernie Keith will cheer us up

As he tells us tales about his pup.

Read the local paper,

Especially the Obits section.

Think of the Grey vote

When it comes to elections

Get to grips with computers;

The young find it easy.

When I look at mine

Makes me feel quite queasy.

Still, we can indulge in our memory bank;

Think of the folk we need to thank.

Look forward to meeting up with friends,

Try to keep up with current trends.

Our future may not be so bleak.

What shall we get up to next week.

Ann Jones





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