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Reflections by Canon John Westwood and Clergy Team

For April:

Dear friends,


As I write these words the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) means that these are worrying times. The Prime Minister has called this the biggest public health emergency for a generation. The future is hard to predict - how successful will the authorities be in delaying this outbreak? Even if few people suffer serious ill-effects the knock on effects for our daily lives may be considerable. Please pray for our over-stretched health services and all who have to make painful and difficult decisions. At church until things return to normal we will not be sharing the wine at Holy Communion, and we will be sharing the Peace without touching. This is following directions from Bishop Donald.

It is particularly important that we engage in neighbourly pastoral care during this period and look out for the needs of the lonely and the isolated. I commend to you the ministry of our new Tresham benefice Pastoral team with its co-ordinators Anne Abraham and Julie Hindle - contact them via treshampastoralvisits@gmail.com or contact of the clergy team.

If parishioners are self-isolating then we can still be in touch with them by phone or electronic media.

Let’s put our present troubles in the bigger context of the great drama we follow this month during Holy Week and Easter. After the deadness and despair of Good Friday there follows the miracle of Resurrection. As we discussed in our ‘Superstar’ Lent group, Easter is our core belief that not even death can put a stop to God – that every single thing is resurrectable. Ultimately nothing can separate us from his love in Christ.

The poet John Donne wrote:

He brought light out of darkness,

not out of a lesser light.

He can bring thy summer out of winter

though thou have no spring.’

When we light the Easter Candle on Easter Day we rejoice that nothing can put out the Light of Christ. He lights up the darkness and not even the nasty Coronavirus can stop us celebrating.

Happy Easter


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