Holy Trinity, Rothwell

A place for everyone

Child Protection Officer

Parish Safeguarding Handbook (Link)
The Church of England’sSafeguarding Policy Statement

‘The Church of England is called to share the goodnews of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ. The lifeof our communities and institutions is integral to how we address this task. The good news speaks ofwelcome for all, with a particular regard for those whoare most vulnerable, into a community where the valueand dignity of every human being is affirmed andthose in positions of responsibility and authority aretruly trustworthy. Being faithful to our call to sharethe gospel therefore compels us to take with theutmost seriousness the challenge of preventing abusefrom happening and responding well where it has.’

From ‘Promoting a Safer Church’, The Church of England’sSafeguarding Policy Statement

  • Squires Hill
  • Rothwell, Kettering
  • Northamptonshire
  • NN14 6BQ

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