Holy Trinity, Rothwell

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The Pastoral Visiting Scheme
the Tresham Benefice

Who are we?
A small team of lay volunteers from the Tresham Benefice under the leadership and  guidance of our clergy team.

What do we do?
Representing the churches in our benefice, we offer a visit to anyone who would like a visit in a variety of situations...
 - to provide helpful information
 - to be a listening ear

Where do we go?
Our visiting is usually to the home of the person concerned (within the benefice).
If requested, members of the Pastoral Visiting Team may also visit those from our communities in hospital a nursing home or hospice.

Who would we visit?
Typically we would aim to offer visits to any of the following...
 the housebound, the lonely, those who are unwell, the terminally ill, the bereaved, those new to our communities, those caring for others, or anyone else in need.

Can I arrange a visit for a friend or relative?
Yes, as long as it is with their consent.

Are Visitors trained?
Yes. All are trained in 'Visiting Skills' and are DBS checked. In accordance with the policy of the Diocese of Peterbrough, all visitors are also awareness- trained in matters of Safeguarding and Protection of Vulnerable Adults, and strictly adhere to these policies.

We are aware of the need for a high level of confidentiality. We are also aware of our responsibilities under GDPR.


Should anyone have cause for concern, they should contact the Pastoral Visits Co-ordinators without delay.

To find out more or to arrange a visit pleased contact the Pastoral Visits Co-ordinators Julie Hindle and Anne Abraham: